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Air Duct Cleaning

JHS air duct cleaning technicians utilize the Negative Pressure technology. Negative Pressure is extremely powerful and portable, with a variety of different size hoses and brush heads to service virtually any size and type of air duct. The Negative Pressure and rotor brushing together will clean any duct from sheet metal to flexible duct.
Our technicians remove air vent covers in ceilings, walls and floors to insert a rotor brush head into each opening. The Negative Pressure equipment agitates contaminants and allows their easy extraction using its built-in HEPA Vacuum.
The process is then repeated in the main HVAC trunks. Our technicians might also provide an antimicrobial treatment when there is concern about allergies, asthma or microbial contamination such as mold.
The antimicrobial is fogged into the system killing any harmful bacteria and fungi that may be present. This service is particularly common in hospitals and medical facilities.

Our technicians will clean HVAC coils to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Optionally, we will provide Coil Cleaning when performing our Air Duct Cleaning services.